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Three Profiles

The “Real Me”
Wearing multiple “hats” of being mothers, partners, wives, daughters, sisters, students, employees…can leave you pondering the question, beyond these roles, “Who is the Real Me”? Women in today’s world are expected to be many things to many people, and it is often easy to lose sight of your own wants and needs. Women receive messages from loved ones, outside forces, and their inner-selves, that they must sacrifice themselves for the sake of everyone else. Women constantly face challenges, unrealistic expectations, and responsibilities, that if left unchecked, can result in feelings of unworthiness and not being good enough. Women are inundated with societal expectations and pressures to be perfect, have it all together, and overall be superwomen. All of these expectations and struggles can become extremely taxing to a woman’s physical and mental health, and can leave you feeling sad, anxious, irritable, angry, or disconnected.

Women’s Mental Health
Many mental health conditions, affect more women than men or affect women in different ways from men.  Counseling for women’s issues addresses any and all concerns about being a woman in today’s world. Women often face challenges that are unique to their gender, such as sexism, stereotyping, motherhood, and childbirth issues, to name a few. Women sometimes feel undervalued and under appreciated regardless of how much of themselves they give to others.  These challenges and sentiments can lead women to seek out therapy.

Help is Available

I help my clients to:
o    Alleviate symptoms of Anxiety

o    Find Tools to Create Healthy Relationships

o    Increase Self-Love & Self-Worth

o    Learn Stress-Management Skills 

o    Adjust to Life Transitions
o    Overcome Past Hurts  
o    Create a Better Self-Concept
o    Identify Healthy Coping Skills
o    Gain Clarity
o    Find Hope 


Clients at Tri Counseling, will experience a safe, non-judgmental, and positive environment to explore some of the most sensitive topics.  Whether you need help coping with life’s challenges, overcoming depression/anxiety, or just need to talk to another woman who understands; together we will find solutions that will lead you towards achieving your best Makeover, yet! 

Let's Connect:

Phone: 214-785-0959


Embrace. Evolve. Emerge.





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