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Counseling for Teenage Girls: (16-Years-Old and Up)

Being a teenage girl can be fun, exciting, and also very challenging.  The juggling act of trying to fit in with their peers, navigate first relationships/breakups, dealing with school-related pressures, and self-discovery, can leave them feeling confused and overwhelmed.  They are experiencing a huge amount of personal growth and development and expected to take on more responsibilities in different areas of their lives. If these stressful factors weren’t enough, teens are expected to make major life decisions, such as what they want to do for a career, where they’re thinking of going to college, and whether or not going to college is even the right path for them.

This developmental stage also consists of teens forming their own opinions, beliefs, and developing a sense of self.  The need for more independence sometimes causes strain on the relationship between them and their parents.  They may feel like nobody understands what they are going through which may cause an intense amount of depression, anxiety, and low self-worth. When these intense feelings begin to affect their daily lives, it may be a sign that something more serious is going on, and help is needed.


Help is Available:

I help teenage girls to:

o    Alleviate Anxiety

o    Learn Stress-Management Skills 

o    Adjust to Life Transitions
o    Overcome Past Hurts  
o    Create a Better Self-Concept
o    Identify Healthy Coping Skills

o    Accept their Uniqueness 
o    Navigate Peer/Personal Relationships
o    Overcome School-Related Issues 
o    Gain Clarity
o    Find Hope 


Parent Consultation: 

Parental consultations will be within the limits of confidentiality of each girl. Some teenage clients will not be forthcoming in therapy if they feel that everything they say will be told to their parents/guardians, so my goal is to strike a balance between protecting their sense of privacy and informing parents when important issues arise in the treatment process. Parents/guardians will always be promptly informed when matters of safety are of concern. 

Teenage Clients at Tri Counseling will be free to express themselves in a safe, non-judgmental, & positive environment.  I’m perfectly fine with them sharing their latest “TikTok”, IG Challenge, or anything that is of interest to them! My very own teenage daughter loves to keep me in the loop of the latest “teen happenings”! It is my goal to help your teen learn coping skills, feel better, and create a stronger acceptance of self.  Whether she needs help coping with peer/personal relationships, school challenges, overcoming depression/anxiety, or just needs a safe space to talk; together we will find solutions that will help her achieve her best Makeover, yet! 


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