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"BEAUTIFUL MINDS" Intensive Counseling Sessions (Self-Pay Only) 

“Beautiful Minds” Intensive Counseling Sessions are uniquely crafted for the client who has been “stuck” in a cycle of seemingly trying everything; but nothing seems to work!  The Counseling Intensives are used to primarily work with clients to alleviate symptoms of Anxiety; learn Stress-Management Skills; and adjust to Life Transitions-such as Work-Life Balance, "Adulting", Parenting, Beginning/Ending of Relationships, Career Choices, Education/Trade Decisions, Etc.!


Intensive Counseling is a rare opportunity for the client and therapist to have longer 1-on-1 counseling time. The Intensives provide a space for the client and therapist to do more focused inner-work, that can significantly improve the client's personal growth and accelerate the client’s journey towards clarity!  Together, you and I will embrace and explore the presenting issues; evolve throughout the counseling process; and emerge with a solution-focused personalized plan.


***“Beautiful Minds” Intensive Counseling Sessions are provided in 2-hour and 4-hour sessions.***

​Clients at Tri Counseling, will experience a safe, non-judgmental, and positive environment that allows them to arrive at a level of peace with their life transitions. Together, we will find solutions that will help you achieve your best Makeover, yet! 

Help is Available: "Beautiful Mind" Intensive Counseling Sessions 

I help my clients to:

o    Develop a Solution-Focused Personalized Plan

o    Utilize Longer Therapy Sessions to Explore Anxious Thoughts and Beliefs

o    Create more Calming and Positive Thoughts and Beliefs

o    Alleviate symptoms of Anxiety and Find Balance

o    Learn Stress-Management Skills 

o    Adjust to Life Transitions
o    Create a Better Self-Concept
o    Identify Healthy Coping Skills
o    Gain Clarity

o    Access Follow-Up Sessions as Needed


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